About Me

My name is Haley, and I am a recovering over-achiever.

We live in a meritocracy where high achievement is woven into the very fabric of our being. From the moment we’re born, our parents, our teachers, our psyches push us to become the best of the best. And that’s flipping exhausting.

I know, because I’ve been there. I graduated third in my high school class, attended Boston University’s prestigious College of Communication and skipped entry-level to become the Digital Content & Social Media Manager at Organic Spa Magazine. Quickly, I found that the corporate life wasn’t for me — so I broke off and started Millennial Pink Media, LLC, a digital content creation and social media management agency for companies catering to a socially conscious millennial audience.

How did I get here? Like so many before me, with hard work, dedication and determination! But what most people won’t tell you is that hard work can make you sick – literally.

Hi, my name is Haley, and I became chronically ill in Fall 2018 following a long battle with stress, depression, anxiety and orthorexia. After an exhausting medical journey marked by ER visits, bloodwork and even an upper endoscopy, I received a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Little did I know that my diagnosis was incorrect.

For the past two years, I’ve endured scans and scopes that brought little insight into my overall health. Finally, I looked back on my history of pelvic pain and heavy periods, and brought my GI concerns to the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Endometriosis & Chronic Pelvic Pain, where I was told I most likely had endometriosis, a disease where tissue similar to the uterine lining grows outside the uterus (and like the uterine lining, bleeds every month, causing chronic pelvic pain).

After changing my diet and exercise habits failed to improve my chronic illness, I had to take a good, hard look in the mirror – and finally recognize how my mental health had taken a toll on my physical health. Now, I am Endo Strong — and I’m using what I’ve learned to help other workaholics, stress addicts and self-saboteurs improve their chronic health conditions by decreasing the pressure in their lives, bettering their mental health and adopting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

My physical and mental journey has had its fair share of ups and downs – and I am certainly not done with it yet! Like you, I learn more about my body, mind and spirit every day. But that’s why I’m here: so we can continue to learn and grow together.

One thing I wish I knew from the start of this journey? I am never alone in my battle with chronic illness and poor mental health. And you’re not, either – because you have me to guide you.

More importantly, you have Endo Strong. I’ve built this blog to be your friend, confidante and accountability buddy throughout your recovery from chronic illness and mental health challenges.

I hope you will take a moment to explore, bookmark and share the information you will find here as a resource for yourself, your loved ones and anyone else who may be struggling with their physical and mental health.

Remember: physical and mental health are not silos. Your chronic illness does not exist in a vacuum! It’s time to take a look at how stress, anxiety and depression impact our bodies, not just our brains – and finally recognize that mental illness is physical, more often than not.

Haley Fritz